August 25, 2018

Gin and Marumi

Since late June, I’ve dove headfirst into a project which I hope to launch on International Red Panda Day 2018a family tree of all zoo-born red pandas, with hand-chosen Instagram photos and first-class searching. My friends know I care for these little guys, but it’s escalated into something my friends must find pretty odd!

I admit that things feel pretty out of focus right now, and that I’ve been myopically pushing this project at the exclusion of everything else. It’s exhausting to want this family tree to be finished, and still have so much left to do. And yet, every morning when I check on my Instagram red pandas, I feel validated in a way unlike anything I’ve ever done. Red pandas are the first thing I’ve ever loved where my passion feels meaningful outside of myself. They’re almost like extended family, little lights in the world that have value just for shining in their own way.

I hope everyone who loves red pandas gets value out of this family tree and can see literally how these rare, precious animals, and perhaps humanity as well, are just a large, extended family web, and that each leaf is vital and precious.