Beanie Baby

February 11, 2019


It’s been a while since I had a musical discovery quite this satisfying, though the discovery is pretty minor. Over time, my AKG 240 studio headphones, the most comfortable over-ears I’ve ever tracked music with, have become quite a chore to wear. Unfortunately I think the problem is me, not the headphones — wearing things tight around my head for longer than 20-30 minutes just feels awkward and wrong. And you can’t multi-track music in a studio without headphones. But there’s a solution!

Tonight was a cold day for the Bay Area in California, and I was wearing a beanie hat home. They’re so cozy and warm that I just wanted to leave it on inside. I tried putting my headphones on over the beanie, half out of laziness and half just to see how ridiculous the idea would feel.

Of course, I’ll need a new strategy when it gets hotter than piss outside, but there’s something really interesting in this idea. I’m going to stick with it!